American soprano Anne-Kathryn Olsen is a versatile vocal artist with a passion for historical music: from the gothic Italian avant-garde to the early folk music of Appalachian America; Mediterranean vocal traditions to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Performances have brought her to the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, La Monnaie in Brussels, the Konzerthaus in Vienna and the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and to the Utrecht, Saintes, Resonanzen, Actus Humanus and Early Music St. Petersburg Festivals. She has collaborated with Björn Schmeltzer and graindelavoix, Pedro Memelsdorff and Mala Punica, Václav Luks and Collegium 1704, Gli Angeli Genève, Ton Koopman and the Amsterdam Baroque Soloists, Helmuth Rilling, and the American Bach Soloists in San Francisco. She appears on recordings with graindelavoix on the Glossa label.